Marsh Custom (Marsh FM LLP) provides managed finance solutions for the automotive and financial services industries.
Marsh Custom enables the customers below to write their own finance agreements in the UK.

  • Large Dealership Groups
  • Car Supermarkets
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Investors
  • Banks

Leveraging the knowledge, experience and unique

IT solutions of partner company Marsh Finance Ltd, we can support any business wishing to write car finance loans.
Find out more about how Outsourced finance solutions work and the Services we offer.

7 Reasons to use Marsh Custom
1. Provision of front & back office processes, systems & staff to provide a complete end-to-end car finance company service.
2. Fully compliant customer documentation and business procedures.
3. Shared IT platforms and online bank account access for full monitoring and control.
4. Data held securely, off-site in a 24/7 managed environment.
5. Optional extra services to make your life easier, we can even supply the customers.
6. White-labelling. Telephones answered & correspondence sent in your name on your headed paper.
7. Transparent pricing.